Darla Jackson Top 100 Sculptors

Beautiful BIzARRE - Top 100 Sculptors of 2018 on INstagram

By Danijela Krha Purssey on December 10, 2018 As the Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine I have had the pleasure of working with many incredible sculptors for more than 5 years now – for the magazine itself, our web blog, our curated exhibitions, the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize, and of course sharing their work across our 900,000+ strong social media network. Sculpture is personally my favourite medium, so it is always a thrill to delve deeply into the practices of my favourite artists, or to discover a new sculptor whose work is unique and technically exceptional.

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Beautiful Bizarre - Darla Jackson: Sculpting ReFLECTIONS OF HUMAN EMOTION

By Angela Unsworth on September 25, 2018 A rabbit sits, head bowed into paws, in the depths of grief. Eyes covered, nose buried, shoulders hunched, followed by the fine detail of fur etched onto the animal, increasing the realism. All of these features culminate in a sadness you can’t help but empathize with. Darla Jackson’s sculptures depict animals in poses that reflect human emotions. This theme is strongly represented throughout her work, inspiring a curator and friend to call it ’emotional portraiture’.

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Moore College of Art - Alumni Darla Jackson’s Public Art INstallation

By Mellany Armstrong on October 25, 2018 Jackson installed the sculptures October 25. The seven sculptures feature life-size figures of a ruby-throated hummingbird, a house sparrow, a European starling, a Northern cardinal, a rock pigeon, and American crow and a red-tailed hawk, all wearing falconry hoods.